Sunday, October 31, 2010

winter wishlist!

i just got back from spending a peaceful weekend in spokane, washington! i was able to explore the entire city in just a few days. there were a few fun little boutiques that i wandered through, but the city was pretty small. what i loved most.. cozy coffee shops on every corner! the weather there was freezing and rainy, so hanging out in a coffee shop was the perfect thing to do!
the cold weather made me realize one thing, though... i will NOT be ready for it when it hits kansas city! so as i browsed in the spokane stores, i took mental notes of all the things i won't be able to live without this coming winter!
one thing that i am absolutely loving are the over-the-knee socks. adorable! i found the outfit above on lookbook and it has absolutely everything that i love!
oversized sweater,
chunky infinity scarf,
tights with shorts,
and, of course, over the knee socks!
i'll be duplicating this for sure :)

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