Saturday, December 11, 2010

oh, the joys of vintage

What a wonderful day! After a difficult morning of ACT test-taking and a warm mid-morning nap, I went with my mom to do something we love to do as much as possible--VINTAGE SHOPPING! We hit up our favorite vintage markets, one around 81st & Lee Blvd. and Dharma Gallery off of Westport Road. These two shops have mostly home things but still charming as ever. I like to go and find an occasional jewelry treasure or even a lucky dress find! (a couple weeks ago at Dharma Gallery I found the most adorable 50s brownish floral dress, perfect for twirling.) Today, not as much luck, but I still had so much fun!
After exploring those shops, we couldn't help but make a stop at my all-time favorite store, Donna's Dress Shop.. I spend WAY too much money there! Right now, they are fully stocked with the most enchanting vintage dresses, it's pretty overwhelming! I tried on lots of dresses, but really didn't fall in love with any of them, except for one.. an adorable light blue plaid dress from the 60s with the original tags still attached! It was in such good condition I thought it was a new dress made to look vintage, but it's the real deal! It had a collar, big buttons, a little tie at the waist and fit perfectly.. right now I'm wondering why I didn't just buy it! But for some reason my mom was a little hesitant and wanted me to think about it, then she asked Donna the store owner how late they were open tomorrow.. so just maybe it will magically appear under the Christmas tree! ;)
Oh, how I wish I had a picture of that beauty, and hopefully it will be there next time I go! For now, I posted some pictures of the dresses there I would be so tempted to just buy, but end up not having any occasions to wear them. If you have never been to Donna's Dress Shop, you must go as soon as possible! It's located on 39th Street just north of Westport and just east of KU Med. In fact, here's the address: 1410 W 39 Street Kansas City, MO, 64111. Go, you won't be disappointed!

(photos courtesy of the Donna's Dress Shop facebook page)

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