Saturday, January 1, 2011


I think it's about time I update this thingy, no? I've been so busy recently and haven't had the time or inspiration to blog! But today I thought I'd share about my latest adventure, lookbook. As you can see by the little picture of me to the right, I joined the fashion world of It's basically just a social networking site that lets you upload pictures of you in your outfits so other people can see them, get ideas, and give you "Hype" (similar to facebook 'like') if your outfit is fabulous enough. My friend and I spent a good two afternoons taking pictures of our outfits and we had so much fun playing model for a day! ...But also as you can see my grand total of 1 hype per outfit is proving that maybe I'm not cut out to be a lookbook girl after all. It's still fun to look at other people's fashionable outfits and get ideas, though! Here are a few of what outfits of mine might be uploaded onto lookbook if I get enough patience to load each one. :)

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