Sunday, February 6, 2011

trying to revive my room!

I'm in the middle of trying to redecorate my bedroom because lately it hasn't been looking very nice. I've just been using random clutter to 'decorate' which made it sloppy! So few weeks ago I got rid of all my clutter sitting on shelves and started with a clean slate. I have bright blue walls that I'm not sure how I feel about but I don't want to repaint and my furniture's not the prettiest, so my room is a real challenge! For awhile I thought it was hopeless.
But yesterday, my mom and I made one of our usual Saturday vintage market shopping trips and I found some real treasures! We went to one store I had never been to that my mom wanted to show me. Hearing about it I wasn't sure, it sounded like another lame home store that my mom would love and I would get bored in! But walking in I knew it was different. The whole place was charming! It had the most adorable vintage furniture and decorations that filled me with inspiration, and it wasn't antiquey, either. Their prices were great! We left with enough things to fill our car's trunk.
After that we just went to the usual vintage stores and markets and didn't really find anything else. I did find an awesome blue velvet off-the-shoulder dress at Donna's Dress Shop that I could wear for my cousin's wedding next fall, but that's another story. As for now, it's still there because I'm still thinking about it. :)

hats were only $4 each! most places they're around $30! i grabbed two, but this one's my favorite. and i had to get this little mirror

i love my new pink cockatoo named barbara!

this iron chair was with a vanity in the store, but i liked it by itself. only $20! it would go nicely with my beautiful iron full size bed that i could've had in my room. i just didn't want to give up my comfy queen! ..if you've experienced it, you would know. for now that iron bed's in the guest room.

and this is a picture frame i got at a different vintage market awhile back with my little alien head i made last year in ceramics class

next, i need a new lamp for my nightstand and something for the wall above my bed!

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