Saturday, January 28, 2012

Starting Over!

I know I haven't posted in about a year, but I wanted to start posting again just to document the things that are going on in my life. Art, clothes, decor, crafts, cooking, anything. Mainly for myself (since no one really knows about this blog anyway and I don't really want to advertise it until I get better and more consistent), and just in case anyone who reads might get a bit of inspiration from the things I share.
I've always wanted to have a fashion blog and post pictures of my outfits, but until I find someone to help take the pictures and until I don't feel weird taking and posting a bunch of pictures of myself, I will just have to write about other things.
Today, I just want to share about my latest project and time-consumer. I'm an artist (or at least I like to call myself one!) but I've never really shared my art with very many people. Maybe because it's so personal to me or because I haven't thought it's good enough, I just never did anything about it. But lately I've been doing more and more of it because it brings me so much joy and I've felt so caged in not sharing it with anyone else.
So an opportunity arose to enter an art show for my school and after much thought, I applied for a booth! The show is for professional artists and it's a fundraiser so a portion of the proceeds go to my school. 4-5 pieces of art were required for application and I sent them in last week and won't find out if I am in until next week! Even if I'm not accepted, I'm glad I took the brave step of at least trying because I have never done anything like this before! My media is ink, colored pencil, and graphite so obviously, I love to draw! I'm constantly in my sketchbook drawing down any crazy thing that comes to my mind. Something about it just makes me so happy. Seeing beauty around me and being able to express it on paper gives me the most joy. Here are a few pictures of my work! It's really weird for me seeing on them on a computer screen. The flaws stick out so much more for me. But showing them is something I feel like I need to do for my own confidence and accomplishment.

This was a Mother's Day gift I made for my mom last year!

I love vintage clothes, especially dresses. This one is my very favorite vintage dress, but it's too small! Sadly I don't have a 24-inch waist to fit into it. It sits on a dress form in our sewing room for everyone to see and I finally had the time to draw it!

A line from my favorite hymn "Come Thou Fount." I knew I had to put the words on paper and create something with them, so this is what turned out! I actually HATE the flowers I put on the bottom, but I put too much time into that picture to not keep it.

I tried something new with the antique book page! I love how it turned out!

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